Thursday, June 03, 2004

Video Hits: Art and Music Video

The Qld Art Gallery

Music videos can be classified into two types, performance and concept video.

The central feature of music videos is the interlacing of sounds and images. There is a hierarchy in this relationship, where music is privileged over images. Their interaction can create some powerful effects, this combination is known as synaesthesia, the rhythm of the editing in time to the music brings the music to life.

While most videos are bad, the exceptions can be extraordinary, avant garde experimentation. The innovative edges of video clip production are fast changing new aesthetic possibilities.

VJ Art Jones: ”music video often functions as the repository of classic avant-garde film aesthetics in which linear narrative is often fragmented, elliptical or simply made secondary in importance to visual logic – beauty, even.”

"Music video is a mirror for broader cultural production, a music and image processing machine that digests anything in its field of vision - or within earshot."


To coincide with youth week, QAG hosted PRIME, a week of activities that culminated with a live gig. Performers included, The Kingpins,
The Bird, Cicada, Ponyloaf, Nightstick, Indigenous Intrudaz, Strictly & Lowdown, Master Jargo, and several DJ's. VJ's were a big part of the show, with two massive video screens flanking the stage. The highlight for me was The Kingpins' rendition of Guns 'n' Roses, 'Get in the ring'. It was an unusual experience seeing women dressed as men, reveling in their posturing and cynically overemphasising their macho antics. They are pictured below in another guise.


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