Thursday, June 03, 2004



The name 'res' originates from trying to capture the feeling of what makes a special film resonate with an audience. There is a lot to see on this site, but for visual entertainment, check out the watch and listen section for some interesting clips. My favourite is the animation piece accompanying 'The Illness'. There are some pretty amazing effects on these clips.

The res site aims to promote the digital culture through the sharing of information and techniques, in the promotion of digital skills. It is a free site but you can subscribe to a 'paid for' magazine as well.

The jewel in the crown of the res organisation, is their travelling festival - resfest. It goes to 24 cities worldwide. In Australia though, it only stops in Melbourne in December.

Resfest is moving beyond the presentation of digital images to actively incorporating music into the festival program, both through music videos and live music performances.

Another intiative of the festival is to make innovative leaders in the field of digital image production accessible to the wider community, and thereby strengthening links within this community.

The festival director spoke as part of the QAG's 'Prime' week. He showed some of the latest developments in digital film. He was very supportive of inexperienced producers and explicitly stated his mission as the development of a stronger digital community.


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