Tuesday, June 01, 2004

music videos and video jockeys

Well, I've been up all night and I'm starting to dribble, so I'll keep this brief. This music video site, looks like a good one to fossick around on for my assignment. It describes itself as a "resource for Music Video Industry news, interviews and educational content". My assignment is going to be about the interaction between music video producers and directors and their interaction with musicians and their audiences, so this kind of portal is exactly what I'm interested in.

Of particular interest is this article about video jockeys.

It talks about musicians jamming live with the video stream that is generated by the vj. There's a lot of crossover in techniques between digital music production and djing and digital image production and vjing, eg, sampling.

I like the idea of digitally recording tv, then remixing it to create your own subversive message. It really turns broadcasting on its head. This article is also about the added dimension that projected visuals add to a live performance. I'm pretty sure this is an area that has been studied, particularly in the area of club/dance culture. Will have to look into that.

Anyone got any ideas on this topic?


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