Monday, May 24, 2004

some michel gondry video clips

Have been looking at this site about Michel Gondry quite a bit. He's done a lot of great video clips, for bands and artists including; RadioHead, Bjork, The Chemical Brothers, The Rolling Stones and Lenny Kravitz. He has been innovative in his use of special effects. I'm also a big fan of his use of liturgical dancing (see the photo of the video for Daft Punk's, 'Around the World').

This is what this site had to say about it;

"For "Around the World," the second single from Daft Punk's debut album Homework, Gondry gave the song lifeblood. Literally each part of the song is represented by a dancing quartet: the bass by super-tall humans, the spry glissandos by synchronized swimmers, the vocoderized "around the world" by robots, etc. The song choreographs each quartet's movements. As the melodies progress, the players performances evolve."

Very clever, but I just like the dancing.

Gondry continues to expand on this technique in later videos. In the video for The Chemical Brothers', 'Star Guitar'

"The video describes a journey as seen from a train window, only the disposition of each passing element in the landscape is positioned exactly in sync with the music.
"Every sound from the track will be illustrated by an element of the landscape that appears each time that sound is heard."

These are more than your average video clips, where the band stands around a studio and mimes along to their own imagined music. These clips aim to capture the essence of what the songwriter has created. I'm interested in the collaborative process between musicians and film makers. Has anybody out there had experience with this?

Also, I'd love to hear anyone's comments on how they relate to video clips.

Do you like a song more or less after you see the clip?

Does a song need a good clip before you'll go out and buy it?

Can you enjoy the clip and not the song?


  • I reckon I could enjoy a video clip without enjoying the song. I do not need to see a video clip before going out to purchase the album. For example, when Travis first came onto the scene, I only heard them and never saw any of their clips until after purchasing their second album. I do love their clips and watching them has not made me less or more of a fan.

    By Blogger Rosanne, at 4:10 PM  

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